Clinical trials of the drug "Revatio"

Clinical trials for the drug "REVATION" are scheduled to take place at Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5. The study involves a 5-year duration, and eligible patients can participate based on specific criteria established by the manufacturer.

Key requirements for participation include:

  1. Age between 18 and 75 years.
  2. Diagnosis of PH or PH associated with heart defects, with prior surgery (regardless of the operation's timing): atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, aortopulmonary window (patent ductus arteriosus).
  3. 6-minute walk test performance of at least 100 meters.
  4. Preferably, having undergone a right heart catheterization examination (pulmonary angiography - pulmonary hypertension ≥ 25 mm Hg).

Interested individuals can submit their information via email to, including scans of examinations and medical reports.

For more detailed information, please contact the program coordinator:

Andrey Gema, Cardiologist, BRIT Infarction Department, Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5

Work phone: 450-86-14

Mobile phones: +38 066-705-01-83, +38 093 310 80 10

3 March 2015