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Tatyana Kuzmenko, a leading figure at AIGLow, specializes in compliance, human rights protection, and administrative law. Her expertise extends to consultations on public procurement procedures, healthcare institution structuring, collaboration with prominent pharmaceutical companies, and governmental agencies.

Actively engaged in professional associations like the European Business Association, the Association of Independent European Lawyers, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Bar Association, Tatyana is well-connected within the legal community.

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The treatment of Ukrainian citizens abroad adheres to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine's resolution dated December 8, 1995, No. 991, "On approval of the Regulations on the procedure for sending citizens for treatment abroad," and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine's order dated June 6, 2008, No. 307, "On ensuring the procedure for sending citizens to treatment abroad." The required documents include:

  1. Personal statement from the patient (or parents).
  2. Referral letter from the regional Department of Health at the patient's place of residence.
  3. Medical history extract.
  4. Conclusion from the chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health justifying the need for treatment abroad, specifying the recommended foreign clinic.
  5. Clinic invitation indicating the treatment cost and the clinic's bank account details (with translation into Ukrainian).
  6. Payment document for the treatment cost (Invoice).
  7. Written agreement with the clinic.
  8. Certificate of residence and family composition (form 3).
  9. Certificate of salary or pension for the year.